The Socio Corp. is a technology company providing next generation solutions in real-estate tech focused on gated communities and determined to provide you safe, secure and healthy environment.

Why Socio Corp?

We are determined to give back the community by sufficing common man's expectation.

Who are we?

Do you use an app to manage your community but end up spending your personal time more?

I'm YOU!

Do you feel that there is a day-today social problem that can be solved by technology but no one is trying?

We hear YOU!

Do you think you are overpaying for an app just because no one else provide the feature or everyone providing it cost the same?

We solve that for YOU!

What we need?

We are looking for INVESTORS who support us move forward in providing the best solution. Our aim is to provide revolutionary solutions which directly benefits millions.

If you like to fuel our journey by funding please contact us at

We are looking seed investment for our Gated community Management Platform - HOMELY and you can find it's details here. Don't forget to check our pitch deck and connect with us for any of your queries.

We are a young team with a perfect plan to create a new revolution in the field of Real-Estate Tech