show off your creativity (UX Mobile APP)

Are you creative and has the caliber to showoff your skills. Have you never got the opportunity that challenges your intellect and give you the satisfaction of working on an application which can be directly used by millions of peoples.


  • Share a creative dating app design(Wireframe design) of min. 4 screens

    • Home Page

    • Profile view

    • Notification

    • Video call

    • Self profile update

    • Login screen

  • Break the convention of left/right swipe

  • Light/Dark Themed application design preferred

  • Last day to submit your samples 14th March 2021

hunt for socio-Mvp

What we look for?

  • Attitude to create from scratch

  • Thirst to learn and experiment with new things

  • Ability to take charge of multiple roles

  • Who can keep our secret ingredient a "secret"

  • This is a MVP and not a full-time job

What we offer?

  • Great learning with up-to date technologies

  • Exposure of a world class team working style

  • Certificate on completion

  • Stipend for work

  • On exceeding excellence possibility to convert them full-time once our MVP brings investment


  1. What is a contest?

A: A contest is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent on the required heading and win the contract to work on a project and be the face of a product which can be used by millions of peoples in real world.

  1. Why contest?

A: We are a unique organization using a technic to find the best resource for our project, instead of sitting behind the desk and shooting questions of our known backgrounds and expecting the opposite to fill it is not our type. EOD what everyone needs is output and nothing better than seeing a piece of work beforehand speaking for you.

  1. Who can participate?

A: Any one with creativity and the talent to showcase on the required title can take part in the contest. Example: Students, Graduates, Freelancers, professional

  1. How is the winner selected?

A: All the samples selected are evaluated and the best will be picked.

  1. How many samples can get selected?

A: One or more can also be selected. In the event of more than one the CONTRACT amount will be divided among the winners.

  1. How to submit the samples?

A: All samples are submitted to and the acknowledge is sent to the participant via the same.

  1. Will I get any cash rewards?

A: All contract are bound to have a cash reward/stipend/salary as per the contest you are participating. Along with cash you will be provided a certificate of recognition for your achievement.

  1. Will I get job offer after completing the contract?

A: Contract completion or winning the contest is NOT subject to consider as Full/Part-time JOB OFFER. Extending invite for a JOB offer is management decision and will always be conveyed via mail followed by a discussion.

  1. Is there a possibility for The Socio Corp to end a contract?

A: YES. on some unlikely situations like the Individual is outsourcing the contract or found incapable on fulfilling our requirement or he/she breaks the Non-Disclosure agreement or due to any other violations that the organization does not feel to continue the contract it has all the wrights to terminate the contract.

  1. Do the winner needs to sign Non-Disclosure agreement?

A: YES. In-order to work on the contract the winner/s needs to sign NDA. This is mainly to protect the organization ideas and technics on various applications it is working with which you may come across during the course of your contract.

  1. How will I get the Prize amount?

A: The Prize amount will be split and given based on module completion, details will be defined as part of the contract.

  1. Is the participation is allowed only for individuals or group allowed?

A: we do not have any restrictions on group size but we encourage to keep it to 3. If got selected, everyone in the group that took part of the sample should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement else it will be considered a violation and can lead to termination of contract